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Discover a new level of operational excellence with our comprehensive infrastructure solutions. Our tailored infrastructure solutions from hardware, software, network resources, and services will ensure your operations run seamlessly. 

Data and Ai 

Elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and intelligence. Unleash its true potential and stay ahead. Our data and AI solutions help you to harness insights, automate processes, and make informed decisions. Explore limitless possibilities and a more efficient future. 

Enterprise Resource Planning 

Enhance your productivity with our comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Seamlessly manage resources, finances, and processes, all in one place. Learn the future of business efficiency with ERP solutions. 

Productivity and Backup

Discover Our Productivity and Backup Solutions. Maximize your team's efficiency while you ensure that your critical data is backed up and protected. Discover how our solutions keep you efficient and your data safe. 


Have a strong connection with clients and teams through our innovative communication tools. Experience seamless and effective communication across your organization. Learn how we can help you shape the way you connect. 

Software Distribution

Ensure that your software ecosystem remains current and optimized. Unlock seamless access to essential software with our efficient distribution strategies. Discover smarter, more efficient, and reliability with us. 

GFI Software

CBSAC Enterprises has been appointed as the authorized distributor of GFI Software. Security, Network Management, and Communication Software. GFI is a trusted software solution for SMBs, solving business issues. 

ICT Equipment

Experience reliability and innovation in every device. We have partnered with the leading IT companies in helping institutions with their requirement. Explore our offerings and brands -transform your digital landscape today. 


From advanced cameras to intelligent monitoring, trust us to safeguard your environment. Enhance your security and deter threats. Explore our CCTV Surveillance offerings and take control of your security today. 

Structured Cabling

Experience the power of streamlined communication and data transfer. We help organizations in designing and installing their cabling solution requirement. Explore our offerings  and transform the way you connect.