GFI KerioConnect

Secure, business-style email, calendar & collaboration without the high cost

Designed specifically for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

KerioConnect is a mail server and an all-in-one collaboration tool deployed by more than 30-thousand companies around the world. It can be installed on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

KerioConnect is just the right size for SMBs with smaller budgets and limited IT staff. It’s easy to manage, easy to deploy and typically costs less than “big brand” solutions. 

Explore key features of KerioConnect

Email, calendar, IM and more - for less

Easy to deploy, manage and use

Security built into your business email

Get secure email as a value-priced package


Get GFI KerioConnect Cloud

The value and features of GFI KerioConnect from a local hosting provider

Eight good reasons to use KerioConnect for your messaging and collaboration

Full-featured, business-class email 

KerioConnect provides full support for Outlook (Windows and Mac), native apps for Mac OS and any other IMAP or POP compliant email client. Email is integrated with shared calendars and scheduling, contacts management, tasks, notes, shared and public folders and instant messaging.

You’re able to synchronize with direct push to your choice of mobile devices.

Streamlined team communication 

KerioConnect allows you to organize contacts into as many groups as you wish and share them with coworkers. You can also:

Integrated instant messaging 

KerioConnect includes Chat for exchanging instant messages. Chat enables you to view your colleagues’ online status and chat with them in real time when you need a quick back-and-forth conversation.

Business users can chat in real time with the KerioConnect Client or send and receive instant messages with their favorite XMPP/Jabber chat client.

Robust mobile device support 

KerioConnect supports a wide range of devices – from iPhones and Android phones to tablets. You’re able to use the synchronization method that best fits your users, so the information on your computer always matches up with what comes across on your device.

Browse through public and shared folders and specify which you want synced with your mobile device. Instantly access shared folders without shuffling through ones that aren't relevant.

Seamless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) support 

KerioConnect supports many mobile devices using Exchange ActiveSync or IMAP/CalDAV/ CardDAV protocols. You can:

Multiple platforms and email client options 

Administrators can deploy on the operating system that best fits their environment. In addition to supporting Windows, Mac, or Linux, KerioConnect can also be hosted on hardware or virtual environments.

It can scale to multi-server, multi-tenant deployments while maintaining the ease of use of day-to-day management. iOS users can set up an account in the popular smart mail application Spark by Readdle, using an integrated KerioConnect profile.

Admin-friendly server and user management 

Stay in control of all your deployments by using the single centralized web interface called MyKerio. As a cloud-based service with 24/7 availability, MyKerio remotely monitors your deployments – letting you view network, licensing or system critical events the moment they occur.

One-click upgrades make it quick and easy to ensure your server is using the latest version. Managing users is a breeze with the straightforward licensing model.

Integrated security 

KerioConnect includes multiple layers of built-in security features to protect your users and your network from malicious attacks. Features include:


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