Network Security Scanner and Patch Management

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CBSAC Enterprises is a Silver Partner of GFI Software.

Protect your network with patch management, auditing and security scanning

GFI LanGuard enables you to manage and maintain end-point protection across your network. It provides visibility into all the elements in your network, helps you assess where there may be potential vulnerabilities, and enables you to patch them. The patch management and network auditing solution is easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy. 

The ultimate IT security solution for business. 

Network security scanner and patch management.

GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual security consultant offering:

Thousands of IT admins worldwide use GFI LanGuard to scan networks for vulnerabilities, automate patching, and achieve compliance.  GFI LanGuard is an award-winning network vulnerability and patch management solution, which is available at an excellent price. 

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