Data Loss Prevention System

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Cross-Platform DLP

Discover, monitor, and protect your sensitive data with Endpoint Protector, advanced multi-OS data loss prevention.

Endpoint Protector

Award-Winning Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint Protector is a full DLP and MDM solution that prevents users from storing sensitive data on their workstations and from taking critical data outside the company or bringing potential harmful files on storage devices inside the network. The Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention, eDiscovery, and Device Control modules are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, while the complementary Mobile Device Management module is available for iOS and Android mobile devices as well as macOS computers.

Device Control

The Device Control module is the first layer of security provided by Endpoint Protector. By defining granular access rights for USB and peripheral ports, device security is enforced while productivity is maintained. As a cross-platform solution, it protects the entire network, regardless if the computers are running on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux. 

Content Aware Protection

The Content Aware Protection module is the second layer of security provided by Endpoint Protector. It prevents data leakage through all possible exit points, from clipboard, screen captures, USB devices, to applications including Microsoft Outlook, Skype or Dropbox. Through efficient content inspection, transfers of important company documents will be logged, reported and managed.


The eDiscovery module from Endpoint Protector provides Data Loss Prevention for data at rest. It prevents data breaches by scanning and identifying sensitive data at the endpoint level on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. Endpoint Protector eDiscovery ensures compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS and others. eDiscovery offers visibility into scans, identifying where confidential data resides and remediating by encrypting or deleting the identified confidential data.

Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management module extends data security and control over the iOS and Android mobile device fleet. It also provides features for Mac OS X computers. Through remote enforcement of strong security policies, detailed monitoring, logging, and reporting of all mobile device activity, it provides enhanced protection against both insider and outsider threats. Moreover, it also includes Mobile Application Management.

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